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What's My Story?

Hey! 🙂 My name is Don Demetrius and I help men grow stronger, healthier and confident via online coaching and accountability.

I’m a certified nutrition coach, spent 9 years actually lifting the weights… and I do whatever it takes for my clients to get them results!

I’m a huge nerd and introvert at heart, I can speak Japanese and I’m an ex-game developer!

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From Skinny-Fat, Shy & Weak... to Strong & Confident

I joined the gym with my best friend 9 years ago because I wanted a girlfriend… Isn’t that always the reason why? 🙂 

Little did I know how much it would transform me. I became stronger, healthier and more confident, and with a little patience and perseverance… finally got my first girlfriend!

The biggest thing though has been my mindset shift, and still to this day, I study about the mind and test myself in various ways – being my own science experiment.

I enjoy competing!

Competing has always been a way for me to get to the next level and push me out of my comfort zone. Since I was a kid, I’ve competed and won a trophy in football, I’ve done athletics as a 110m hurdler and most recently won a bronze medal in a powerlifting competition.

Next, I plan to test myself with marathons and eventually become an IronMan! A bit different right?! 😀 

Game Developer to Fitness Coach

Since 2 years old, I’ve been playing big role playing games like Final Fantasy, Pokémon and WoW. I was seriously addicted and would avoid parties and invites out just to play games.

I loved games so much that I even became a game developer! Working for companies like Codemasters and Feral Interactive. It was fun!
But I wanted to do something different that would give me more control and be able to run my own business as well as give me more fulfilment…

My First Client...

A close friend of mine needed help losing weight for her dress. I had been training for a while and had got myself back into shape so I thought I could help. With a bit of accountability and guidance in the gym…

She ended up losing TOO much weight for her dress! I never thought that helping her would give me as much fulfilment as it did! 

As I shared her story, people reached out to me for help and that’s how I became a coach! 

Read more about Andrea’s full story in the Client Results section.

The Power Of Mentors

I’ve met and networked with various mentors, one being Elliott Hulse, one of the world’s most renowned strength coaches and fitness influencers. I learned about strength, mindset and what it takes to truly become a stronger man in the modern day world. 

I told Elliott that he was the one who woke me up from ‘The Matrix’, and he said “Just call me Morpheus! Haha!”

Since then I have always invested in mentors to help with my own mindset and self-development.

Always Be Growing

As well as holding a diploma in Fitness Instruction and Personal Training, I also studied with Precision Nutrition, the most renowned nutrition mentorship programs in the world and became a certified Pn1 coach.

I am continuously educating myself with the latest research and studies so that I can better serve my clients and followers who I reach daily.

My Mission

I’ve made it my mission to free people from ‘The Matrix’. To let go of their limiting beliefs and become the strongest version of themselves.

I truly believe that it is our duty to reach our full potential before we die, and that all begins with getting out of our heads and back into our bodies.

I am to inspire 100,000 people to get back into shape and live life on their times. Freeing themselves from their limiting mindset and reach their full potential.

Some might say I’m a “Life Coach” disguised as a “Fitness Coach” 😉 

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